Selecting Your Social Media Slideshows

Choose your Social Media Slideshows package below. You should have at the time of this order, put your images together and in order the way you would want them displayed in the DVD Presentation. They should be sent to us as a “.JPG” image. If you have slides or print images, label those in order by number in the sequence you want them displayed. DVD Presentations will scan the first 10 items as a convenience to you. There will be an additional charge for other scanning needed for this project.

Now would also be a good time to select the music score you would want, based on the package you select. We may or may not use the entire music score in the social media slideshow it may be edited for proper fit.You can find our music selection from our PDF page listing here. You can also pick your own music and have us either purchase it for you from Itunes or send us your cd with the music on it.

Order Your Social Media Slideshow Package

Basic Package


Order your “Basic” Package here
  • up to 3 minute viewing time
  • 1  Music Scores
  • 2 transitions
  • 1 Special Effect
  • Cost $125.00 + Mail & Handling

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Pro Package


Order your “Pro” package here
  • up to 5 minute viewing time
  • 2  Music Scores
  • 5 transitions
  • 3 Special Effect
  • Cost $200.00 + Mail & Handling

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Premium Package


Order your “Premium” package
  • up to 10 minute viewing time
  • 4  Music Scores
  • 8 transitions
  • 2 Special Effect & Intro scene
  • Cost $275.00 + Mail & Handling

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Social media slideshows referral imagePlease refer our Custom Social Media Slideshows to others who you know may be needing our services. You can do this a number of ways: Using the social media icons at the top or bottom of this page, thru word of mouth and by informing persons who have seen your completed production. For your referrals that have a production done by us, you will receive a $10.00 gift certificate. This gift certificate can be used for any of our services. One gift certificate per person. Thank you for your referral in advance!

Questions about your Personal Slideshow Order please call us at 714-616-6785