Photographic Editing and Scanning

Included with every custom slideshow is photographic editing and scanning, up to the first 5 images.

We could correct most of your faded and badly cropped images. We will try to color correct old or faded images to a natural state. We will crop exposed images that have too much background without any problems. Included are 5 images that you want us to scan or edit for your slideshow however, others would be at an additional cost. Most of our customers are able to scan their images with most printers on the market today while transforming the images into digital images for us to work with.

We also can scan your 35mm slides and large (11×14″) photographs producing a new digital image for your slideshow production. We only ask that you number your images with a sticky note or written on the back in the sequence you would want them to appear in the slideshow. Let us also know which images (photographs, slides or other images) you want us to scan for you. You will receive all of your images back including the new digital images that we scanned for you.

Photographic editing by DVD PresentationsUsing our photographic editing and scanning services would save you time and aggravation although it would cost you extra money. As a courtesy, we will reimburse your cost for more editing and scanning for the next 10 images over the first 5 included with your slideshow production (one reimbursement per slideshow). We just ask for at least one referral for a client that has their slideshow produced by us.

Personal Slidshow Sample

Commercial Slidshow Sample

Social Media Slidshow Sample