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Please select and prepare your images, slides & music


Personal Slideshow Signup
Basic: $99.00, up to 40 images and 2 music scores & transitions
Pro: $179.00, 130 images and 3 music scores + more transitions
Premium: $249.00, 250 images. 5 music scores, specials, transitions

DVD Presentations produces all DVD slideshows in-house and never uses any third party vendors. We will have total control of the project ensuring and maintaining the highest quality. Your project will be produced within a very short time once we have all the materials. In order to get your project started, you would need to send us all your images, slides, and photographs. You would also need to let us know your music selection from our music library or send us your own music source.

After completion of this form an invoice will be sent requiring a 50% deposit on your order plus instructions on what we would need to produce your slideshow. Please start selecting images you would like displayed in the slideshow. They must be numbered in the sequence that you would like shown in the slideshow. Your help is appreciated, thanks.

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