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Select a package of your choice for your DVD Personal Slideshow. Let us know what music score(s) you would like from our Music selection, music you wish to provide or music we can purchase for you from Itunes®. DVD Presentations packages begin at $99.00 providing you with a spectacular slide show of your selected images. DVD Presentations takes great pride in every slide show that we create. Providing a very valuable service to our customers.


Basic DVD Slide Show
Up to 40 Images
2 Music Scores
Transitions and 1 Special Effect
Finished w/customized Jewel Case & Disk


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Pro Slide Presentation
Up to 130 Images
3 Music Scores
Transitions and 3 Special Effects
Finished w/customized DVD Case & Disk


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Custom Premium Slide Presentation
131 – 250 Images
5 Music Scores plus Transitions & 5 Special Effects with Special Introductory Scenes
Finished w/customized DVD Case & Disk


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The digital images you submit for your personal slideshow should be medium to hi-resolution in quality. If you require us to scan printed photos, materials, or slides, there will be an additional fee of 75¢ for each scan beyond 5 scans (first 5 scans are included). Because we know how precious your photographs are we will take the proper steps to protect your images. For PREMIUM Package (up to 250 images) each additional image added to project will cost $1.25 extra.

personal slideshow pricing family viewing

Family slideshows including Grandparents, their children and grandchildren would be a heirloom to the generations to come. Think of your children, that in some cases never met your grandparents, or parents for that matter. wouldn’t it be great to have a DVD slideshow of the highlights of your family over generations and future generations. Forget about ancestry searches…your spectacular slideshow with images going back years and background music should be a keepsake for any family. Call us to find out more about “Family Heirloom Slideshows” their special pricing and requirements. You will be glad that you did!

Special Offer for 2018

Our special offer can be located here DVD 2018 Special Use our special offer for any Personal DVD Slideshow Production from DVD Presentations…creating spectacular custom DVD slideshows with music for any personal need!