Personal DVD Slideshows

Our Personal DVD Slideshows can run any length of time. This Personal DVD slideshow runs for 5:55 the original ran for more than 20 minutes. This sample shows Julie’s early years to the first music score and then shows her family images including grandparents and parents, her sisters & brothers, etc. and was shown at her birthday party to great reviews. Let DVD Presentations produce your next personal birthday, anniversary, or another party slideshow. You will also have a choice of different music scores to choose from. Our Premium Package includes more music, more special effects, and transitions to make for a very spectacular production. DVD Presentations can produce your next custom slideshow when needed and at a very reasonable cost. Give Us Try! personal DVD slideshows order now button

Quality Personal DVD Slideshow Productions

DVD Presentations produces all DVD slideshows in-house and never uses any third party vendors. We will have total control of the project ensuring and maintaining the highest quality. If you need to add current images of family, babies, etc then our Digital Photography services are available to you. Your project will be produced within a very short time once we have all the materials. In order to get your project started, you would need to send us all your images, slides, and photographs. You would also need to let us know your music selection from our extensive library or send us your own music source. Once we have all the materials and your payment we will begin production of your project.
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Watch a Father’s Day Remembrance Personal Slideshow


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Personal DVD slideshows referralPlease refer our Personal DVD slideshows to others who you know that may be needing our services. You can do this a number of ways: Using the social media icons at the top or bottom of this page, thru word of mouth and by informing persons who have seen your completed production. For your referrals that have a production done by us, you will receive a $10.00 gift certificate. This gift certificate can be used for any of our services. One gift certificate per person. Thank you for referral in advance!

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