DVD Presentations Transform your images into Spectacular DVD Slideshows with Music.

Watch Personal DVD Slideshow

DVD Presentations goal is to create DVD slideshows that show your personality and style. Using your images we will create your personal DVD slideshow with music while paying special attention to your preferences. Production for your custom Slideshow with music will begin once we receive your images. Your images must be in the order you want them. We will then set your images to the music of your choice while we add interesting effects without overpowering the production.

DVD Presentations also Creates Custom Commercial & Social Media Slideshows

Commercial and social media DVD slideshows with music are also placed in sequence with your images as you number them. We will add leading title frames, the music of your choice and transitions. This is done without overpowering your production while still getting your message across. In addition, your slideshow will be personalized with type on the back case panel. All DVD Presentation slideshows will be beautifully packaged in a high-quality case with a custom cover printed in full color. Finally, your DVD will also be customized with a full-color label on the disk. Most of all, our spectacular DVD slideshows will be enjoyed for years to come. Therefore don’t miss this chance for us to produce the slideshow of your choice. Find out more on how to order your slideshow. DVD Slideshows how to order button

DVD Presentations Produces 3 Categories of Custom DVD Slideshows

Personal Slide Shows

Our personal DVD slideshows include all family and personal events: Weddings, anniversaries, birthday’s, special family occasions including memorials, family heirloom preservation, and more.

Commercial Slide Shows

Commercial DVD slideshows consist of trade show exhibits, doctor/dentist office slides, advertisements specials on DVD, real estate presentations, restaurant and catering exhibits of services and offerings, and more.

Social Media Slide Shows

Social Media slide shows include personal and business productions that will be placed on Facebook, YouTube, Linked-in, Twitter and other Social Media outlets that will provide more views of your custom slide show.

Preserve and share your cherished memories with DVD slideshows by DVD Presentations

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